May 08

Denver festival report – tango crush


Everytime I close my eyes I imagine myself dancing tango. I smile and a sense of bliss comes to me.

I imagine myself being good enough to lead a follower that I could not get my eyes out of on the dance floor. Is this a tango dancer crush? I didn’t dance with her. Maybe in some months I will see her again.

She also leads. When I close my eyes I imagine we dancing a tanda where we exchange leading and following (I love to follow too). A blurry 20 seconds role exchange after each music, giving the leader of the song enough time to feel the music. I imagine we closing eyes in turns and just smiling at the mutual pleasure of both roles in a dance. Of sharing with each other the roles interpretations. Of getting really intimate in the dance.

We actually introduced ourselves to each other early in the festival but after I saw her dance I was never bold enough to venture. I took the platonic route. That keeps alive the dream of a dance. There’s only one way to keep alive a platonic tango crush. And it helps if we go unnoticed 🙂

Dancing tango can be dangerous. The feelings it creates are so strong…