Apr 17

Back to writing

I haven’t posted here for the last five years and that saddens me to no end. A combination of over-facebooking and avoidance in writing my musings has created a vaccum on my tango path documentation. That betrays my original goals in documenting my own trajectory all the while getting feedback and other’s opinions.

I’ve realized a long time ago that Facebook, twitter, instagram are not only aimed at transiently sharing what you feel. All your content will all disappear over time, blurring the lines between your memory and reality. And that’s really sad because all your efforts to dump your brain and come to terms to your experiences will be a waste of energy, minus the immediate therapeutical effect. Facebook is awesome if you want to be popular. Transiently popular.

Nov 11

Onion layers

Dancing with someone’s technique is the lowest common denominator of the dance.

May 11

Chicho y Juana’s share their thoughts

Very interesting to see Chicho y Juana mentioning how some people are nowadays obsessively dancing and taking up lessons with the goal of teaching in a near future.

As it turns out, we should enjoy our ride through our tango lives 🙂

May 11


Must play this next time I DJ…

Jan 11

La técnica no tiene alma

Jan 11

Nice vals

Frank and Jenny were mentioned in TangoBora’s blog entry. I found this vals that I absolutely love by them.

Jul 10

On Kindness to beginners

Dear Debbi, your post regarding tango etiquette on how you gracefully explained to a young leader the 101 of a milonga etiquette is great. I do, however, digress with you on the reason why people leave Tango for some other dance. There’s just not enough kind persons willing to explain this stuff in the tango scenes of some cities. Yes, the teachers should do this. But so should anyone.

It’s the off putting attitude of people that generally turns people down on activities. Everyone wants to be welcomed to a social group and enlightened with a positive spin.

If you’re a starting leader, don’t fret about your mistakes and mishaps. The kindest followers tend to also be the truly kind persons. The ones concerned about setting everyone right – specially the young and naive – tend to have a big ego and dance more with their own ego during the dance than with you.

Jun 10

Milonga life #2

Recently I had a chance to dance with a relatively famous Tango DJ. I immediately realized she was a really nice person since even though she was tired she still swapped her sandals for some dancing shoes after I asked her. That, on everyone’s book, is a very nice gesture. 🙂

We danced and chatted. The dancing was very cool, relaxing, flowy. I went for a laid-back interpretation of the music. Enrique Rodriguez. I shared with her about how I’ve been going back and forth between different approaches to interpreting music. Basically to either try to capture the mood of the whole music or to try and dance every tiny nuance/detail of the song. She joked about it and told me I was maybe worrying to much about it…

That further led us to talk about how we spend our time at the milongas. She then told me something very interesting that reminded me of how I sometimes forget how social the milongas should be. The thing she enjoys more at the milongas, believe it or not, is not actually the non-stop dancing. What she enjoys more is to sit and eat while talking with people mixed with the dancing.

Here’s to food and wine at milongas!

Jun 10

Milonga life #1

I said hi and she said hi back to me. The last and only time we danced was, according to my recollection, disappointing. To her.

I was nervous since I had seen her dance before. She was obviously a gifted dancer. I could not connect and figure out her style. Nothing in that dance “connected” to me. Not with the music, not with her. My mind had been haunted already with the images of her confidence dancing with great dancers. I could not shake that off. The dance was not our dance, it was someone else’s, badly impersonated. A sad affair.

She remembered me. She remembered me as a person.

In the milonga world there are dancers and amazing human beings that love to dance. I admire the latter. I am grateful she reminded me of that.

Thank you.

Apr 10

As close as it gets

I’m still alive, thinking and living tango. But writing less. Dancing a bit less too, but alas, life gets in the way. I have been out socially a bit less than what I used to and having less flavorful nights when I do. Some politics to deal with and a busy life have kept me from fully enjoying some nights.

I don’t really have much to say so I will share with you two videos from Fabian Peralta and Virginia Pandolfi. These are recent videos shot at Salon Canning, earlier in the year.

I find their interpretation very close to the music. This is the current trend except for older milongueros it seems. And maybe Melina and Detlef. 🙂

Anyway, here’s hope that one day I can be as close to the music so that I can then detach from it.