Jan 10

¡Araca la Cana!

Sometimes people start asking me about Tango, what it is, why I dance it, etc, etc. They normally ask me to show them videos, of what it is like to dance Tango. It happened today and this video of Tomas Howlin dancing with Shorey Myers was what came up immediately into my mind. I then proceeded to explain that this video is not trivial to understand and I just want to show a part of tango that I profoundly enjoy, further explaining him that the most beautiful aspect of this video is how it tells a story and focuses on connection while being playful.

Music by Enrique Delfino and lyrics by Mario Rada. Only the second part of the poem is sung in this version by Fresedo.

¡Araca la cana!
Ya estoy engriyao…
Un par de ojos negros me han engayolao.
Ojazos profundos, oscuros y bravos,
tajantes y fieros hieren al mirar,
con brillos de acero que van a matar.
De miedo al mirarlos el cuor me ha fayao.
¡Araca la cana! ya estoy engriyao.

Yo que anduve entreverao
en mil y una ocasión
y en todas he guapeao
yo que al bardo me he jugao
entero el corazón
sin asco ni cuidao.
Como un gil vengo a ensartarme
en esta daga que va a matarme
si es pa’ creer que es cosa’e Dios
que al guapo más capaz
le faye el corazón.

The lyrics are heavy on the lunfardo and a scholar (Nicolas Poppe) has roughly translated the first part to:

Watch out for cops!
I’m imprisoned
A pair of black eyes have arrested me
Big, profound eyes, dark and fierce
sharp and ferocious they hurt at a look
with sparkles of steel that will kill
from fear of looking at them my heart has failed me
watch out for prison! I’m imprisoned!

Apr 08

My biggest fear

Is that the woman I’ve most enjoyed watching lately won’t have any chemistry with me. What I most desire is for her to have the smile I’ve seen on her face while dancing with me.

I am yet very padawan to venture asking her. And my shyness will always out-grow my abilities.