On Kindness to beginners

Dear Debbi, your post regarding tango etiquette on how you gracefully explained to a young leader the 101 of a milonga etiquette is great. I do, however, digress with you on the reason why people leave Tango for some other dance. There’s just not enough kind persons willing to explain this stuff in the tango scenes of some cities. Yes, the teachers should do this. But so should anyone.

It’s the off putting attitude of people that generally turns people down on activities. Everyone wants to be welcomed to a social group and enlightened with a positive spin.

If you’re a starting leader, don’t fret about your mistakes and mishaps. The kindest followers tend to also be the truly kind persons. The ones concerned about setting everyone right – specially the young and naive – tend to have a big ego and dance more with their own ego during the dance than with you.

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  1. I would (and do) gladly explain to anyone willing to listen. But some people do not care to learn. Do you know how many times in a similar situation I heard in response “What nonsense! Tandas? Women have the right to decline? Not going down the line asking others? I am not following those stupid rules!” or “I merely wanted to have a good time on Sunday. Those tarts who turn me down are just being rude, and spoiling my fun. So go get a hike with your advice!”
    Debbie did a kind, but also a very brave thing. It turned to be a welcomed favor to the guy. I congratulate them both, her for speaking up, and him for listening.

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