The joy of following

I lead most of the time I dance tango. I practice my follower’s skills in practicas. In milongas, I will sometimes follow in playful roles swaps with some lady friends.

I love to follow. It has been a process of re-discovering the dance. It made me gain much more appreciation for the dance and in particular, for how a leader can make a dance wonderful.

After reading this entry from tangopilgrim I realized why I love to follow. While leading I always need to be ahead of the follower and the dance in some ways, as a follower I release myself from all that and focus on the present. And the present only.

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  1. You asked me days ago “Do you find hard to practice with followers that don’t tip you over? “. My answer is ” Every one is responsible of your axe. If my followers is disconneted for my embrace, i can´t pivot”. But I only said this to “some lady friends”.

    Practice,practice, practice and patient, patient, patient….

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