This is my kind of Tango

Ask every Jazz musician how they learned and they’ll tell you: from listening to records. It’s all there a lot of them will say. I feel a lot of that has happened in my tango journey. A lot of times you need to watch a lot to realize what’s happening, just like a jazz musician will only figure out why someone solo’ed using a certain scale or something in between after they themselves have toyed with that idea.

Make no mistake: All improvisational art stems from the shoulders of others. The most admired artists have themselves the utmost respect for their predecessors because in some ways they owe their brilliance to them.

This video brings me back to what I feel is my kind of tango. Deeply connected to the music, the moment and your partner. That embrace couldn’t give a damn about the proper posture and he couldn’t care less about anyone in that room during that moment. That’s what I love when I get in the zone. I just do what I need to do to pour the music out of my body, I don’t care about being judged by qualities or interpretation.

In five years I’ll still be learning from this video which probably can’t be said for a lot of other videos out there. Sorry for the outburst but I’ve just watched a lot of boring tango in the last days…

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  1. Oh my goodness they’re amazing. Thanks for posting.

  2. Tienes que ver a Geraldine y Javier bailando “Poema”. Son únicos.

    Free translation: you must see to Geraldine and Javier dancing “Poema”. They are special (sorry, my english is poor, but a can read you).

  3. sorry: this is true link:

    please, erase last answer.

  4. I agree 100%. Beautiful video too.

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