Vals on 2

Does anyone dance Vals on 2? I mean, emphasis on the second beat as opposed to the first as it is normally danced to.

Is it a practice exercise you do?

Does it feel good at all to followers?



  1. The question is
    does any do it?

    Do you?
    How does it feel?

    Have you asked a follower?

    But to change the question: emphasis on “2” could mean so much, like dancing 1,2,* – which emphasizes the 2, much more than stepping on *,2,*. But doesn’t 1,*,3 also emphasize the 2?

    Ballroom Waltz emphasizes the 2 in a completely different way.

    There’s no answer, besides to the question of “how does it feel” and “do you want it to feel that way, now?”.

    Oh, and try *,2,3 when the music offers it.

    • I was just curious if people have played with this type of stuff. All the classes I’ve been to, they normally emphasize the cross using a certain rhythm or emphasizing the one in a vals. Rarely do they more than lightly encourage trying out different interpretations or go a bit into what different feelings it can make more prominent.

  2. I’ve done it in classes and as an exercise, but I’ve never experienced a leader lead it socially that I recall. However, it may have been led and it felt natural, so I didn’t notice. Usually, if it feels natural to you (as my leader) and you’re not having to force it, then it will feel natural to me. If it feels like an exercise to you – then likewise, it will feel that way to me. Which is okay for practica, less so for milongas.

  3. The only person I know that routinely practices “off-the-beat” rhythms is Chicho. I took a class with him once and almost nobody was able to get it. But I don’t recall if we ever tried it with vals.

    Like Mari said, if I’ve done it, I wasn’t aware of it, although recent adventures with visiting milongueros who played with the off beat might have qualified. Either way, I really enjoy it when the lead plays with the rhythm, so I’m sure I’d be entertained.

    • That’s nice to hear Johanna. I’ve been in a class where Tomas Howlin was pushing people to try out out of the beat stuff, but that was not the whole point, it was just a tip or something to keep in the back of our minds.

      My musicality ideas still change a lot, which I’ve been thinking, may be good a thing. 🙂

  4. Staying flexible with rhythms will ensure you have a long and creative tango life, Padawan 🙂

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