Wanted: Breakthrough

I have been eagerly awaiting for a breakthrough in the past months. I’m addicted to change and committed to re-visiting my views of things and my own personal paradigms.

Tango has immense potential for that but it hasn’t happened in months now. I wonder after a couple of years what is a normal rate if that happening.

Is having privates the only way to go? That is a route I can’t really afford.

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  1. What breakthroughs were you expecting? By the way, from my experience, when things become a chore and you are not enjoying what you are doing, you will be less likely to see improvements too.

  2. Have you considered taking a single private with a highly respected teacher? I have found that just one lesson with the right teacher can give me plenty to work on for months. At least that way the cost doesn’t accumulate so quickly.

  3. A suggestion:
    try to dance at milongas while playing a little game for yourself, like:

    – dance with a different pair of shoes, like ones that don’t turn. try to adapt to this and just not do any movements that require you turning.

    – try to do things different. a different ending, or changes of direction.

    – try to not make a right step.

    – try to not dance in parallel system

    – try to never even move a millimeter against the line of dance

    – try to dance in half time

    – don’t use your arms, not even for the embrace.

    You will learn a lot by limiting yourself!

  4. Excellent point Modern Tanguera. Yes, in the end that is my goal. Work with people that can feed you stuff to chew on for long periods of time.

    I’ve had only one single private. I respected the dancer and his interpretation of the dance and I learned a fair amount.

    I am currently interested in two persons to learn from. I am going to take a private class from one of them – the date is set! – but the other I am not yet sure when it will happen.

  5. Louis, I was expecting a change in the way I view the dance. When a move becomes something different because you see it very differently. I guess I’ve been growing more mature about it but not really changing the paradigm.

    onesteptanguero, I like that idea of limiting. I normally try to focus on something but now I am very curious about limiting. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Mr. Padawan…
    have you tried your
    limits yet?

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