Tango Thoughts #1

There’s something grandiose about a follower that truly follows, committing themselves to the moment and lead. It seems you only get that in blank slate beginners and extremely advanced dancers.

Too bad 90% of a follower’s tango life is spent between those two stages.

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  1. I think it just depends on the attitude of the follower. A lot of in-between followers (not very-beginners, not advanced) seem to be insecure about their dancing. They try too hard to figure out what the leader is trying to lead instead of truly following.

    My goal, from almost the beginning, was to not move unless I felt a lead. As a result, I regularly get complimented by leaders for being a very perceptive follower (truly following, and paying attention to very minute signals). I have tried to give the same advice to other followers who ask me for it… I really think it’s the key to truly following.

  2. And there is something grandiose about a leader that truly leads….

    If you’re unclear, unbalanced, or unmusical; then yes, I will have a hard time committing to following your lead.

    Modern Tanguera is right, if the lead unclear, don’t guess. This is surprisingly hard. It takes a certain level of skill (confidence?)*not* to move. We’re trying to get it right too.

    The leader that leads clearly, musically, and doesn’t tip over? Those are the favorites. I will gladly commit to following that lead: eyes closed & big smile.

  3. Thank you MT and Kristi for your comments. I didn’t mean the post to be all about followers. Of course there are valid reasons to not trust yourself and your instincts. We all know that 🙂

    I’m sure 90% of the time leaders aren’t truly leading “up to snuff” :), for multiple reasons.

    Whenever I follow I realize how hard it is to do it. Thinking about technique, the confidence you both mention that is required and so many other things really make it hard to clear our minds and focus on the following.

    With all the suggestion coming from all leaders, one can only imagine how easy it is to feel the pressure to guess what’s coming up and also to be pray of the missing the lead.

    I take my hat off to all you wonderful followers out there.

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