Unexpected musicality

I danced slightly different on one or two songs yesterday. Somehow, my milonga was not anymore based on a more typical/canonical phrasing that normally starts and ends on the beat, albeit syncopated, but it was now spanning measures in a less obvious way. I realized it at a point – boy, my face must have look really apprehensive – but just as it appeared in my dance it somehow disappeared soon after.

This is interesting to me because it means my dance is not dying but somehow evolving. It made me very happy, indeed, made my night. Well, that and also the fact that those tandas were danced with someone that I haven’t danced with in a long time. She was amazing to dance with.

On the other hand, and making it even more interesting, is that it captivates my inquisitive mind of how novelty in musical interpretation appears and develops. A lot of people learn other’s musicality or learn the basics of developing musicality, but this is a bit different. This is the real-time observation of how one’s mind develops over time. Fascinating.

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