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At the beginning it felt good. A friendly follower kept praising that I was a nice dancer, different than others. Then she asked me who I took classes with and now I am the professor’s students. She keeps on telling me how I dance nicely like the others that also take classes from the same teacher. I guess she’s saying that we don’t push women around, we listen to the music and strive for a good connection.

I don’t mind people praising me and my friends for dancing like how a professor advocates for. That’s all good. In fact, everyone choses their professors according to what they find is beautiful from an aesthetic point of view and how and what each professor focus on. But still, I feel like a copycat. I feel like a product.

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  1. Your own personal style will evolve in time. Give it about 10 years or so.

  2. A child also copies their parents but in time comes to be their own person; maybe even a very different one; yet the parent’s influence is what draws out even that great difference. I notice an EKG tracing … ? ..I also work in the medical field and dance.

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