At last!

Someone is putting some sense in the nonsense that has been going on for the last days (concerning nuevo dancers)!

There is nothing inherently wrong with nuevo. However, its culture is different from the culture of contemporary Argentine social tango. There is nothing wrong in separating them into different niches, i.e., separate events. Each can have its own atmosphere. Dancers can attend these different events and respect the environment intended by the event organizer. Just as they do in Buenos Aires. Some people may go to both types of events, adapting their dance to the environment they are entering. Doing this respects the unique characteristics of both and allows each its environment to flourish. It reduces the conflict between people who have different interpretations of tango.

Ron in Tango-L.

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  1. And why can’t just people who don’t like nuevo sit down for a few minutes to let the ones that like nuevo dance? I think it’s not a question of likes or dislikes, I think it’s a question of respect to other fellow tango dancers.

  2. Tango Padawan

    koolricky, that’s the same as asking people at a milonga to sit down for a “tanda” of salsa. That’s the whole point of the argument. It’s becoming a different dance altogether.

  3. Hi tango padawan:

    So, in your view, and taking this to extremes we should make milongas to a minute niche of people? Like a milonga that only plays Pugliese? Or just plays Tanturi?
    My very humble opinion is that we should all make concessions. In any milonga, when I don’t like the music, I don’t dance it. When I don’t like most of the music, I don’t come back. No conflicts, everyone is happy.

  4. Hi koolricky 🙂
    What you suggest is not so much of a concession the moment you don’t come back. Naturally, what will happen is that there will be 5% nuevo milongas, 50% and 80%. People will go to the ones they like. No harm done…

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