Current status:

Dancing more than ever before.

I am now going to practicas more seriously and really focusing on my shortcomings. I am worrying more about the technique and trying to figure out what works with followers and how to find my own style. It’s still very hard for me to realize when I’m failing to lead or when the follower is not actually following. There are definitely different schools of thoughts and it’s very hard to find out what is going on when you dance with someone with a different mindset.

I normally like to start by walking outside and if the follower immediatly goes for the cruzada, then she’s in auto-pilot mode (which sucks for many reasons). If that doesn’t happen then I need to kind of figure out how much do I need to lead to get her to cross. My dissociation is still not automatic, which means that if I’m worried about something else, it’s not there as it should.

I can’t even walk as I want to walk. Never thought it would be so hard to just walk. I love the challenge.

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